The mission of Children and Family Resource Services is to provide high quality, family-focused, strength-based services to build resilient communities throughout Santa Barbara County.

Our programs and its subcontractors provide services to the families and children living within the boundaries of and/or enrolled in the Santa Barbara County Schools.

These services include, but are not limited to, newborn home visitation, parent education, teacher education and support, access to and funding for oral health (including orthodontia), health screenings, health, safety and social support services to early childhood education and care programs, enrollment of children and families into government-sponsored health plans, the integration of health promotores into public and private agency outreach efforts and service delivery systems as well as coordination of the SBC Promotores Network, and referrals for support to other community partners.

Our programs:
The Early Childhood and Family Wellness Coalition
The Collaborative for Social and Emotional Foundation for Early Learning (CSEFEL) Leadership Team
Welcome Every Baby Welcome Every Baby (WEB)
The Health Linkages Program:
The Children’s Health Initiative of Santa Barbara County (CHISB)
Santa Barbara County Children’s Oral Health Initiative
Health Fairs and Screenings
Santa Barbara County Promotores Network